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Baby Car Seats

ID-10085603Choosing the right baby seat can be a snap when you know the sex of your baby. If you want to know which infant seat is the safest here is a review of the seats currently on the market.

On the Consumer Reports Reviews website they tested infant seats for safety, ease of use, features and help or support from the company. Out of the ten seats they reviewed I will only discuss the top three in safety.

Graco Snug Ride 35
This was the only car seat that got a perfect score across the board. At $144.99 CD this seat is the top of the line in safety and presentation. The reviewer chose this seat as the best because of the how easy it was to install. The infant seat comes with a winter cover for  your baby and inside padding to keep your baby comfortable and safe. The shoulder straps are also padded and buckle in the front a standard feature of infant seats.

Britax B-Safe
While the Britax B-Safe scored perfect in safety and support, this infant seat doesn’t come with all the features the Graco does, the pads inside the seat are removable for cleaning, but are not machine washer friendly. The reviewer found installation instructions the easiest to follow and the LATCH connecters easy to attach and therefore overall the easiest to secure. The best feature of this seat is that it comes with a stroller for $159.74 CD.

Safety 1st onBoard 35 Air
This seat includes a high tech side impact system that the reviewer said would cause this to be recommended as one of the best available. This seat has an extended use warranty and value, but the seat cushions aren’t machine washer friendly. There is a customizable insert in the seat and a carry curve handle for easier distribution of the baby’s weight. One of the safety features is the one LATCH system making the installation process easier as well. However for the price of $183.36 CD this seat doesn’t come with a stroller or a winter cover.

While installing the seats may not be rocket science, it’s not always intuitive or easy either. Always read the instructions and make sure the seat cannot move easily after installation.

For information on recycling car seats visit David Suzuki’s website.

For information on car seats and child sizes visit the Ministry of Transportation’s website.

Baby Toys

ID-10060576Babies need stimulation as much as we do, and although you might look at your little one and think they are too young for toys, you are mistaken. When you are purchasing a toy always read and observe the age restrictions. These age limits are to protect babies and young children from hurting themselves with the toys.

The best baby toys are those that teach them to use their motor skills and cognitive skills. These toys help babies and toddlers learn how to open, close, turn and push button to make the toy work. These help to develop critical thinking skills and puzzle solving skills.

Musical toys not only help children to learn songs, but pitch, rhythm, and tempo as well. The bright colours engage their optic senses by introducing primary colours and associating them with a certain sound on the instrument.

Books that have pages they can feel and interact with also help babies and children to learn the difference in surfaces and textures through tactile sensory stimulation.

You can always use this time as bonding time as well, because most children model the behaviour of their parents, you should introduce the toy and show your child how it works and then give it to them to mimic your actions and learn how to do it on their own. Once your child has mastered one toy expand their horizon by introducing a more challenging toy. Play time can be fun for you too!

Sleep Safety

Sleeping BabyWhen you bring your newborn baby home you want to keep your precious bundle safe and warm. How do you do this while they sleep you might ask. Well the following are tips to help you keep your baby safe while they sleep.

As a new parent you might want to decorate the crib, but pediatricians now recommend parents not place the bumper pads inside the crib. Health Canada says that babies heads can become caught between the pads and the crib, also the strings and and ties can entangle the baby or possibly strangle them. Toddlers and mobile babies can even use bumper pads to pull themselves up and possibly fall out of the crib.

Doctors also recommend babies sleep on their back. According to Kids Health, since pediatricians have been telling parents to put babies to sleep on their back the rate of SIDS has dropped by more than 50%.

There are products that hold babies in back sleeping positions, but Health Canada does not recommend using these either. In fact Health Canada says you should not place extra blankets, towels, stuffed animals, or pin pacifiers to baby’s sleepers or clothing while they sleep.

Until a newborn grows big enough to be able to turn themselves over, a baby should not have anything placed in their sleeping zone.

Even co-sleeping is hazardous for babies because they may get trapped in the blankets during the night, suffocate in the comforter, or be rolled upon by older siblings or adults in the bed.

For a complete list of safe sleeping habits for your baby you can consult the Health Canada website.