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Baby Games

ID-10055340After the third month your baby will start to interact with you more and more. This interaction also serves as learning time for your little one. They learn what makes them happy and you smile, what is funny, and what limitations are. You teach all of these whether you are conscious of it or not.

Some of the best games are free, such as Peek-a-Boo, This Little Piggy, and Round’n Round the Rose Bush, these are great for babies and toddlers because they involve direct interaction between you and your infant. Your baby will also enjoy songs with actions too, such as Skinny Marinky Dinky Dink, The Itsy Bisty Spider, and I Love You-You Love Me. Even now, my three year old daughter will start doing the hand motions and sing with me if I start a round of Skinny Marinky Dinky Dink.

If you’re having trouble remembering any baby games, you should look into play groups organized by your local library, city or community, you can even search online for a hand-full of mothers who gather together a few days a week for play dates. Facebook and Google are your best engines for finding play groups, or you can always start your own with other mothers you know.

As your baby grows into a toddler you may think about giving them a tablet or your cell phone to play with. There are two camps on this subject. Those from the go-outside-and-play camp, and the it’s-all-right camp. There are studies that show too much digital interaction isn’t good for children, but on the other hand there are studies that prove some interaction with technology is helpful and rewarding for children.

The distinction here is in how much time is being spent online or stuck in front of a screen. Obviously too much is just that, too much. But allowing your children to play and discover is not harmful as long as it’s guided. You should never allow your children of any age under 15 online without being present and aware of what they are doing.

There are many free websites that have interactive games designed for children as young as 18 months. Search around and get referrals about which are the best. Sesame Street has been around for years and has numerous games that teach counting, the alphabet and more for toddlers and young children.

Just remember that games are best played with the family. Your little one will soak up everything you teach them, which is why it’s best that they learn from you rather than from the television.


Child Safety and Childproofing

DiapersWhen you first bring your little bundle home you’re so happy to be out of the hospital and nervous because there’s no handbook for being a parent. Once you settle into parenthood you’re so excited by all the mile stones your little one’s passing, but are you ready for the non stop months ahead where your babies mobility will cause you pride and restlessness?

I have two children who are completely different from one another, where my son would listen to “No”, my daughter would charge full speed ahead into whatever she wanted. My son who is the elder child never seemed to have that many scrapes and bruises, on the other hand it seemed as though my daughter was constantly hitting her head to the point I felt like wrapping her in bubble wrap. My son never put anything in his mouth, not even his toys, my daughter would eat dust bunnies if she found them. Sometimes I couldn’t believe the differences in my children, but it’s all a learning process.

I childproofed by placing plugs in all the electrical sockets and put plastic rods in the drawers so they wouldn’t open unless you applied the right amount of pressure to release them. We tied the doors to cupboards together and put up a fantastic baby gate. We even attempted to attach rubber corners to our coffee table that was just high enough that if my kids were to fall into it they would get a nasty bump, but those rubber ends insisted on falling off so we became hyper vigilant with the kids around the table. And these are all good and necessary things you need to do, but here’s some things that you may not even be thinking about yet.

Where are you going to be spending the most time with your baby and soon to be toddler? Take a look around your house on your hands and knees and pay close attention to what’s available at that height. Things like CD/DVD/Blueray cases should be moved or placed behind a door the baby can’t open, because babies love to pick these up, carry them around and suck on their corners. Buttons on your electronics will get pushed all the time, especially if they make a sound and have lights that flicker on at the touch. Do you have any knick knacks or chotchkes around? You may want to either put them in a new room for now or watch your little one very closely with these items, because they will be explored!

When you’re child proofing you almost have to think like a child, you don’t want your house to be one big play room, but having toys ready for your little one can cut down on the amount of time you chase them around trying to wrestle your household objects out of their little hands. By switching the toys around on a schedule you make old toys feel like new and this can renew interest in them. Try not to get upset or frustrated, enjoy every moment. Guided exploration of your house is healthy for kids, teach them about your house and the objects in it. If your child knows why they shouldn’t touch this or that it helps to curb their interest in that object. Children are sponges, they soak up whatever you teach them. Remember that this is a time that might feel like it’s going to last forever, but it ends as abruptly as it begins.

Recovering From a Caesarean

Pregnancy PicWhether you plan to have your baby by caesarean or have had to have surgery due to a medical issue the recovery process can be slow. Doctors say it takes four weeks before you can do anything strenuous, such as: exercise, do heavy lifting, or laundry even.

How are you going going to get through those weeks? With patience and help. If your parents and in-laws are able to help the problem almost solves itself. You should have someone to help you get around, do the daily things you won’t be able to do, and help to get you adjusted to your new life as a mother.If you find yourself in a situation where you have no support system, what can you do?

Ask your nurses or doctor for references to local government or programs designed to help women. Through these programs you will be connected to a community of women who are willing and able to help you get back on your feet. There’s the New Parent’s of Central Frontenac Community Services Corporation – 613-376-6477
Their offices are o.pen Monday to Friday 8:30am to 4:30pm.

Personal Care help from Canadian Red Cross, Kingston & Quinte – 1-866-991-9956
Their offices are open Monday to Friday from 8:30am to 4:30pm.

There is also the KFL&A Public Health, Sexual Health Clinic, that can help with public health issues. You can contact their offices at,  613-549-1232, their offices are open 24/7.

Additionally there is the One Parent Families Association of Canada that has resources for single parent families too. You can reach them at 613-389-5607  to leave message.

Brushing Baby Teeth

ID-100145883Once you’re baby starts teething you might wonder when you should start brushing their teeth. You should introduce your baby to the sensation of having their teeth and gums rubbed once they start teething. They already put their teether rings in their mouth for comfort from the pain, and these are usually stippled for a gentle sensation on the gums.

Once the teeth begin to rupture the gums you should begin cleaning the teeth twice a day only using water to begin with to clean, using a piece of gauze or a cloth. Once the teeth have come out of the gum completely you should begin brushing the teeth with tooth paste that is child recommended. Only apply a rice sized amount of tooth paste to the brush. Ensure your child spits out the paste afterward.

Adjusting your baby to having their teeth cleaned means that as they get older it will be easier to get them to clean their  teeth, because they will be more willing. Although dental professionals say that you should brush your child’s teeth until they are seven so the dental hygiene will be done properly.

You should think about getting a dentist and taking your baby for their first dental exam once the teeth start coming in. That way your baby will get used to the dentist and their office. By the time your baby is two and a half all their teeth should be in, 20 in all. Although they will only keep them for a few years, the dental hygiene they learn will last a lifetime.

Try to get yourself into a routine of brushing teeth that makes sense. It will make it easier for you to remember to brush your baby’s teeth. To stop tooth decay decrease the amount of sugar in your baby’s diet and make sure hey don’t fall asleep with a bottle full of milk or juice.