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Baby’s First Outing

ID-10064572As a new parent the thought of leaving the comfort of your own house can seem a bit intimidating. But after you talk yourself off the ledge, you’ll realize that you’ve been the only road block getting yourself out the door. You shouldn’t fear breast feeding your baby in public, or poopy diapers. Generations have done it before you and have survived to tell the tale, so you will too. All you need is some preparation and baby steps to getting comfortable taking your baby out of the house.

Baby Bag
Inside your baby bag you should always keep diapers, change pad, wipes, and cream for your babies bum. Many places sell travel sizes of your baby essentials, so go ahead and get yourself travel sizes to leave in the baby’s bag for outings. Before you go out you should pack a change of clothes in case the diaper fails to hold of the waste. Also have blankets for keeping baby warm or for spit ups. In winter make sure you’ve got warm blankets, hats and mittens. In summer make sure you’ve got a bottle of sunscreen, you and your baby will need to wear this. Once you’ve got all these packed in your baby bag, it might look ready to explode, but you’re ready for anything, literally!

Where you keep your stroller can make life easy or difficult. I used to keep mine in the trunk of the car that way I never forgot it when I went out, and it was already outside when I wanted to go for a walk. Your newborn can wait in their car seat as you get your stroller ready, so go ahead put them in the seat, even if they cry you can still comfort them by talking to them.  Though be sure to cuddle them before placing them into the stroller if they’re really upset about being placed in the car seat while you get everything ready.

You might feel that you have no where to go with your newborn, I know I felt this way for a long time. The truth is that there really isn’t anywhere you can’t go with your newborn! The best places to take your baby are places that are baby friendly, like classes for mommy and baby (yoga, swimming, or fitness groups). You can even attend baby friendly events events at your local library, special movies for mommies and babies, and even walking around your neighbourhood or mall can make a great outing.

Doing these activities allows you to get outside the house and meet other mothers which is great for socializing yourself and your baby. Just remember that if your planning an outdoor outing to be sure and cover the baby during the day’s strongest UV rays, between 10am-3pm.

Feedings and Changing
You can breast feed your baby anywhere. Of course you might feel self conscious of people staring at you, but the truth is no one’s really looking at you. If you feel like covering yourself you can always buy special blankets made for breast feeding mothers that attach behind the neck to secure a private place underneath where you can feed your baby without baring your breasts in public.

If your baby soils themselves while your out, just change them like normal. The change pad can be used anywhere and washed at home if you have a washable one. Place the change pad on the change table in the washroom or on the floor. I routinely changed my children on the floor, this way they never fell off a change table and I could always keep track of them. Get your babies new diaper, cream and wipes all ready before you take your baby out of the stroller, this way you can clean your baby and get them back in the stroller before you clean up the diaper mess.

Hopefully after reading this you’ll feel better about taking your baby on outings. You and your baby need to get out of the house. Staying home all the time can be lonely, so get out and enjoy life with your baby! Find baby friendly places and meet new people with babies. It makes the world feel like a bigger place after being confined to your house with the baby. The happier you are, the happier your baby will be.

Baby’s First Shoes

ID-100117143When your baby begins to crawl and stand it’s amazing, you’re overwhelmed at watching them pull themselves up and walking alongside the couch. Once your baby is comfortable pulling themselves up you should begin to think about the type of foot wear that they will need once they begin walking. For now just getting to their feet all they need is soft soled shoes or socks. But once start to walk they’ll need support.

Toddlers need a sole that is made of leather or rubber to stop them from slipping when they walk. Soft soles cause unsure footing and therefore result in more slips and falls. The best type of shoe for a beginner walker is a running shoe made of leather or canvas. These shoes allow the foot to move and mold the shape of the wearer which is important. The best news is that you buy cheap or expensive running shoes and they have the same benefits.

Although you might be tempted to use hand-me-down shoes from a friend or neighbour, this is a bad idea because the shoe molding to the foot of the original wearer is what keeps the foot stable and supports from the foot up to the knee and lower back. Using another person’s shoes will cause blisters and problems, so it’s a good idea just to buy a toddler new shoes.

Before you know it they’ll be running, so enjoy all the little moments because they are precious times you won’t ever get back.

Swimming Lessons for Your Baby

baby swimmingWith warm weather around the corner you might be wondering how safe is it to take your baby swimming. The good news is there is never a wrong age. The earlier your baby is introduced to the water the earlier they will learn to relax and enjoy the water alongside you. In fact getting your children into swimming lessons as early as you can is best since drowning is the second leading cause of unintentional injury or death in Canadian children one to four years of age.

If you’ve just had a cesarian section you’ll have to wait the six weeks after your surgery to enter the water. If you’re going to an outdoor pool or beach make sure the baby is covered in a sunscreen 60SPF or greater. You should make this a fun time for your baby holding them close and securely make sure that water isn’t getting into their eyes and mouth with your knowledge. As your baby gets older you can teach them to stick their mouth in the water and blow bubbles. You can even find life jackets and preservers for young toddlers as well at your local hardware store or sports store.

If you want to put your infant in swimming lessons they can begin as early as several months of age. These programs are designed to introduce young children to water, build water confidence, and teach water safety to parents and guardians. Although children don’t typically master swimming skills to swim alone until age four. Swimming lessons enable children to approach water with a calm demeanor rather than impatience.

The basic rule of thumb is NEVER leave your children at any age unattended in the pool or on the beach. It only takes a second for babies and toddlers to get in over their heads and without the ability to keep their head above water, drown. If being around the water with your baby makes you nervous then you should sign up for the swimming lessons, as much for your little one as for yourself. In these classes you will be taught CPR and other instructions to ensure swim time is fun time.