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How to Keep Your Baby Cool This Summer

baby swimmingWe all look forward to those sunny days, especially as parents, you want your little one to run and play, and you also want to get some fresh air. Going outside means being prepared, especially when you take out young children, here’s a list of things you should put in your diaper bag and leave there until the later end of September.

Hat and Sunscreen
Your baby needs this to keep the sun out of his/her eyes and to keep shade on their face, neck and shoulders. With rates of skin cancer on the rise be sure to use sunscreen every two hours and to keep your baby from looking directly into the sun.

Change of Clothes/ Bathing Suit
You’re going to need to pack a change of clothes anyway for your baby, so why not throw in a bathing suit and some tank tops and shorts. If you find the weather hot, then so will your baby. If it wasn’t appropriate for babies to wear summer clothes no clothing manufacturer would make them. Don;t be afraid to shed some layers for your newborn, just make sure you’ve got the sunscreen and hat ready for you baby.

Even your baby’s feet need some air, so get them some sandals for those hot days. This is another way your baby can explore the world, through the things that touch their feet in the summer time.

These aren’t just cute accessories, they are a must have, but only with an SPF blocker in the lens. By protecting your baby’s eyes you’re stopping them from developing spots in their line of vision. These are more commonly known as floaters. They’re tiny pieces of your retina that harden and break off, floating into your line of sight.

Now that you have these things in your bag you’re ready to head out. You can take your baby to your park that has a splash pad, the beach, the public pool, YMCA, or a friend’s backyard pool. Just remember that the sun is the strongest between 10am-2pm, meaning the rays are more dangerous to your skin, so protect yourself and your baby when your outside during these times.

Anything you enjoy to keep cool they will too, so be sure to bring cold water and eat refreshing food like popsicles, watermelon, and fresh fruits. These will also help to keep you cool when you’re out and about, so you might want to think about packing a cooler or lunch bag with these items.

Enjoy your summer and your baby!