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Protecting Your Baby’s Ears

ID-10062117Summer festivities often times means loud music in public places. This loud music can damage a baby’s hearing, permanently. If you go to a concert, do you have ringing in your ears afterward? If so, that ringing is a sign of hearing loss. Hearing loss is permanent, there is no way to repair the damage done to the inside of your ear drum, and it doesn’t heal itself over time. A good rule of thumb for noise levels is this; if you can talk over the noise without having to raise your voice, then the sound isn’t too loud for your baby.

I’m not advocating that you stay home until you have a teenager, but you can be properly prepared for these summer events with a little planning. You can’t control the volume of the music, but you can protect your baby’s ears by providing ear plugs when you go out. The best kind are the soft ones that you squeeze between your fingers to make small and once in place they mold to fit in your ear and block out the loud sounds.

You can buy a case of them from Shoppers Drug Mart or from Canadian Tire. They only come in adult sizes, so If you think they’re to big for your baby you can cut them in half before placing them in the ear, but don’t make them so small they get stuck inside the ear because that can damage the ear as well. Place them inside the ear enough that the foam can spread and be held in place, they don’t need to go in deep to stay in place. That doesn’t mean they won’t fall out, check on your infant form time to time to make sure they’re still in the ear, if they fall out, just put them back in.