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bcWhen a baby starts teething they are more irritable and sensitive than when they were first born. Teething is a painful process that can cause diaper rash, excessive drooling, crying, sleeping and eating disruptions, sore and swollen gums, and biting. Teething can start as early as 3 months, or as late as 1 year old. In some rare cases babies can be born with some teeth already in place, but these will fall out and the baby teeth will grow again. Babies should have their full set of teeth (20) by the time they are 3 years old.

There are some things that you can do to help ease the pain for your little one. You can freeze a wash cloth for your baby to chew on, refrigerate teething toys, give them jello or ice cream, and possibly give them something for the pain. There are some oral medicines that relieve pain, but these should be used as little as possible. If this over the counter medicine is used too much, the baby will build up a tolerance to the medical ingredient and then the topic will lose its effectiveness in fighting the pain.

There is a natural solution called Camilia. This is given in a pre-packaged dose and can only be given a few times a day. It’s effectiveness varies from baby to baby. Some mothers see an almost instant improvement, while others might not see any at all. In any case, using a combination of these is sure to bring relief to your infant. Just remember that your patience and understanding is very important during this non-verbal phase, so be sure to be loving, and if you need a break, take one!

*Always consult with a doctor before giving your baby any sort of medication whether it’s natural or over the counter!*

Avoid Using Spray Sunscreen on Children and Babies

bcThis summer Consumer Reports has issued a warning to parents and child care providers that spray sunscreen should be avoided for children and babies. This comes after research has shown that spray sunscreen has adverse affects to the respiratory system in mice. This alarms scientists and doctors because the human respiratory system has similarities to that of mice.

The reason spray sunscreen can be dangerous is because the chemicals in the spray can be inhaled through the mouth or nose while the product is being used. However, if you spray it into your hand and then apply it that reduces the risk of inhaling the chemicals that can cause asthma attacks or allergic reactions. Another reason spray on sunscreen is not as effective as the creams is the coverage is not a sure if you are not rubbing the spray around on your body, and if you’re spraying on a windy day, the spray might not cover enough of your skin to stop you from being burnt.

The FDA in the US advises parents to only use spray on sunscreen when it is a last resort and always be sure to avoid the eyes and mouth when applying any sunscreen. The spray is still safe for adults, but the same precautions should be taken, avoid inhaling the spray when using it, and avoid the eyes and the mouth.

The FDA advises consumers to apply the spray twice to be sure that they are getting complete coverage with the sunscreen. I would also add to be careful spraying it directly on your clothing as I have had some of my summer outfits ruined by spray sunscreen. I have had shorts and shirts turn a dusty yellow colour from spray.

For more information read the Consumer Reports website.