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Baby’s First Shoes

ID-100117143When your baby begins to crawl and stand it’s amazing, you’re overwhelmed at watching them pull themselves up and walking alongside the couch. Once your baby is comfortable pulling themselves up you should begin to think about the type of foot wear that they will need once they begin walking. For now just getting to their feet all they need is soft soled shoes or socks. But once start to walk they’ll need support.

Toddlers need a sole that is made of leather or rubber to stop them from slipping when they walk. Soft soles cause unsure footing and therefore result in more slips and falls. The best type of shoe for a beginner walker is a running shoe made of leather or canvas. These shoes allow the foot to move and mold the shape of the wearer which is important. The best news is that you buy cheap or expensive running shoes and they have the same benefits.

Although you might be tempted to use hand-me-down shoes from a friend or neighbour, this is a bad idea because the shoe molding to the foot of the original wearer is what keeps the foot stable and supports from the foot up to the knee and lower back. Using another person’s shoes will cause blisters and problems, so it’s a good idea just to buy a toddler new shoes.

Before you know it they’ll be running, so enjoy all the little moments because they are precious times you won’t ever get back.