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Swimming Lessons for Your Baby

baby swimmingWith warm weather around the corner you might be wondering how safe is it to take your baby swimming. The good news is there is never a wrong age. The earlier your baby is introduced to the water the earlier they will learn to relax and enjoy the water alongside you. In fact getting your children into swimming lessons as early as you can is best since drowning is the second leading cause of unintentional injury or death in Canadian children one to four years of age.

If you’ve just had a cesarian section you’ll have to wait the six weeks after your surgery to enter the water. If you’re going to an outdoor pool or beach make sure the baby is covered in a sunscreen 60SPF or greater. You should make this a fun time for your baby holding them close and securely make sure that water isn’t getting into their eyes and mouth with your knowledge. As your baby gets older you can teach them to stick their mouth in the water and blow bubbles. You can even find life jackets and preservers for young toddlers as well at your local hardware store or sports store.

If you want to put your infant in swimming lessons they can begin as early as several months of age. These programs are┬ádesigned to introduce young children to water, build water confidence, and teach water safety to parents and guardians. Although children don’t typically master swimming skills to swim alone until age four. Swimming lessons enable children to approach water with a calm demeanor rather than impatience.

The basic rule of thumb is NEVER leave your children at any age unattended in the pool or on the beach. It only takes a second for babies and toddlers to get in over their heads and without the ability to keep their head above water, drown. If being around the water with your baby makes you nervous then you should sign up for the swimming lessons, as much for your little one as for yourself. In these classes you will be taught CPR and other instructions to ensure swim time is fun time.